Grace Glueck of The New York Times said "Boyajian's buds and seeds rise well above the usual dross."

Judi Birke from the New Haven Register said, "Boyajian manipulates the light and integrates the architectural and organic forms into a finely tuned balance of aesthetic emotion, configuration and concept.”

Christopher Atamian of Review Magazine called Genesis "a quietly poetic series of sculptures; a powerful, sweet exhibition indeed."

Ariella Budick of Newsday said, "David Boyajian's monumental seedlings harden the ephemeral into steel. Young plants gently unfurling and reaching for the sky transmute into massive rust colored slabs of metal, able to withstand the assaults of time."

The Hartford Courant called Canton Gate; "not only aesthetically majestic: but historically, socially and environmentally informative..." 

Carolee Ross of the Stamford Advocate said, "Of All the artistic styles at play in 20th century sculpture, the cubist-constructivist tradition seems to have been the most influential in Boyajian’s graceful biomorphic interpretations. . ."

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