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Course Information: 

Our Facilities are Located off Route 39 at

3 Milltown rd
New Fairfield, CT

Classes start whenever you are ready. Pick a date and class package and we'll let you know if there is space available. We prefer to have smaller classes so your instruction can be the best possible.

Mon: Day classes 10am - 2pm
Wed: Day classes 10am - 2pm
          Night classes 6pm - 10pm
Sat:   Day classes 10am - 2pm 

Class Packages:

4 weeks - $450
8 weeks - $850
12 weeks - $1000

Items Required:

All leather gloves (no other material, rubber, polyester, etc..)
Leather shoes (no sneakers or sandals)
A pair of safety glasses (found at any hardware store or Home Depot)
Ear Plugs (also found at any hardware store or Home Depot)

Purchasing Materials:

We use Chapin & Bangs as our metal supplier. To place an order
call: (800).972.965

They also provide a number of precision services:

Waterjet - Laser - Hi-Def Plasma - Flame - Saw Cutting - Shearing

Digital Services:

We love to integrate digital fabrication with analog fabrication!

If you have an idea or shape we provide a digital file service of $50 hr for Autocad drawings that can be used for the above mentioned cutting services. Chapin and bangs will charge you a $200 fee for any digital drawings and we'll work with you. 

CNC Milling and 3D Printing:

If there is interest in CNC milling Shapes a 3D Model is required. 3D models take time based on complexity which may be a pricey endeavor. CNC Milling is used for foam, wood, and plastics. If you would like to incorporate this into a sculpture we will help you with the process!

Like CNC Milling 3D printing requires a digital model. Modeling forms takes quite a bit of time and the object has to be sent to a company which can provide 3D Printing Services. (Until we acquire one for ourselves) Metal casting of 3D printed shapes can be done if you would like to experiment with this type of fabrication. We do not teach 3D Design classes and we would have to model your object for you.

Aforementioned due to amount of time required to make a proper 3D printable model it can become quite pricey due to complexity. Flat rate of modeling is $100 any subsequent hour is $50. Some models can take days to create and require revisions. If you have experience with 3D modeling but you have never 3D Printed we can help with this process. We have an Extensive knowledge base with Rhino 3D Modeling and Sketchup Modeling. 

We hope to hear from you!