BEST 1.jpg

An iconic form is created in the moments when nature deconstructs itself. A seed caught in the wind. The green shoots of a wildflower pushing through the soil. The thrashing of a river after heavy rains. A surge of energy spurs a separation – a great unfolding. It is these naturally sculptural moments that inspire my work.

The physical act of creating sculpture requires a great deal of energy. I create and alter structures until they find balance and become entities unto themselves. This process often begins in drawing, a much more cerebral and immediate medium connecting the hand to the mind. Both sculpture and drawing can find completion in a natural, unadorned state, or a piece may ask for added dynamism and emotion in a layer of bright orange powder-coat or rich scarlet pastels. 

The elements of nature are present in all of my work, from personal to private and public commissions. In creating public art, I am one of many authors writing the history of man's existence, and that of his attempt to rationally construct and give relevance to his emotional, physical, and spiritual connection to the world. This endeavor continually brings me back to the cycle of nature and its poignant synchronicity to human evolution.